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Products in beta testing and will be released at the end of the summer.

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UD Engineering Students Help Avkin Target Simulated Colostomy Care


DSC 2815ed2What is Avkin?

  • The leading manufacturer of sensor enabled high fidelity wearable technology for healthcare simulation education.
  • A woman owned business founded by a Nurse Educator and former Emergency Room Nurse
  • An education based company focused on improving patient centered care through standardized patient programs and formative simulation.

Avtrach on a Standardized PatientWhy Avkin?

Avkin adds the highest sense of realism to any learning situation in any learning environment.

  • Suspend disbelief in ways that were never previously possible
  • Engage the learner with haptic feedback triggering real time reactions
  • The sight, sound, and feel of bedside care in a simulated environment

Featured Product: Avtrach

Avtrach™ is the highest fidelity wearable device on the market for teaching airway care management. Its sensor enabled haptic response allows the wearer to respond in real time to the learners technique while the sight, sound, and feel of suctioning simulated mucus further enhances the learners experience.

  • (4) Independent Realistic Lung Sounds (iPhone/Android Controlled)
  • Haptic Feedback from Sensor located in the Carina and Faceplate
  • Mucus Reservoir (Holds 3-5ml)
  • 180ml of Simulated Mucus

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We'd love to hear from you! 302-562-2119