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Avtrach on a Standardized PatientBecome a master at using live people in simulation by including our hybrid simulators.

  • Avkin’s products are compact and lightweight ensuring educators are not confined to the simulation lab.
  • Removes the excuse "if it was a real person I would have..."
  • This is the new wave of simulation, don't settle for the past.

Featured Product: Avthor

New pressurized chest tube system for simulation education!

  • See fluctuation (tidaling)
  • Assess and fix air leaks
  • Change the breathe patterns

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  • This product solves the problem that a lot of us have in simulation. When you practice on a piece of plastic, it's just not the same experience for the student.

  • The Creativity and realism of these products will immerse the healthcare learner more deeply in simulation education, ultimately improving patient safety

  • Nursing Students were... "WHOA, Awesome!" They were Flabbergasted that they actually got secretions out of Avtrach, it is so lifelike.

  • I hope we can get Avkin™ products soon, the students loved it! Its going to be hard to go back to the way we were teaching.

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