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Introducing the Hospital Acquired Infections Package - Avoid CLABSI, CAUTI, and VAP!

Avkin is proud to announce our Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) Package, aimed to avoid preventable infections such as CLABSI, CAUTI, and VAP. The package contains three of our products:  ​ Avline (Central Line & Port-A-Cath) Avcath (Genitourinary) Avtrach (Tracheostomy) with Ventilator Attachment The HAI package was created with ho...
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Tracheostomy Training Overlay System for Standardized Patients

This story was originally posted by HealthySimulation on December 26th, 2018. The Tracheostomy Overlay System (Avtrach) is a wearable chest plate for standardized patients (SPs) that can be used in skills and simulation education. The current use of SPs in healthcare simulation is proven to be an effective way to increase fidelity; however, there a...
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This story was originally posted by the NLN TEQ blog on October 23rd, 2018 In this three-part Ask the Expert Series, we feature Bhavana Aitha, a senior nursing student at the University of Delaware who explores the reciprocal benefits of working as a simulated patient while helping her university use simulated patients. In this second part of ...
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Filling a Real Demand for Simulated Care

Avkin's CEO Amy Cowperthwait was recently interviewed by the University of Delaware to share her story and success through partnership with the University. Avkin products are unique in that they involve an interdisciplinary team between nursing, engineering, and theatre which would not have been possible without the partnership. To read more p...
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Avtrach Bridges the Gap Between Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology

We utilized the Avtrach a few weeks back to teach interprofessional skills over trachs to a small group of nursing and speech-language pathology (SLP) students. There were 2 learning outcomes for each group: Nurses : 1) cuff deflation; 2) proper suctioning SLPs : 1) passy muir valve placement; 2) blue dye swallow test It was a very telling exercise...
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Communications Skills: A Missing Piece in Your Simulations?

Let's be honest for a moment and think about how effective our task trainers and high-fidelity simulators are in promoting the practice of effective communication. Unfortunately, I'm sure that most of us can admit to times when we have allowed this most important piece of patient interaction to fall by the wayside in our efforts to promote critical...
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Happy Nurses Week! Cory's Story:

Cory Haaf, Graduate of the University of Delaware Nursing Program is entering his 9th month as a new-grad nurse in the Cardiac Surgery ICU at University of Maryland Medical Center. He is working on a unit where patients with tracheostomies are frequent and require a lot of attention, specifically when they are being weaned off of a ventilator ...
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Fill the gap in simulation education with diverse skin tones!

The February 2018 issue of Clinical Simulation in Nursing includes two research articles supporting the need to further enhance simulation experiences with racially diverse manikins: Graham, Atz, Phillips, Newman, and Foronda (2018) conducted a pilot study with findings emphasizing "the importance of designing and conducting simulation experiences ...
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Avtrach and Avcath now available in three skin tone options

The Avkin team is thrilled to announce that we have extended our product line to include diverse skin tones! We now offer our Avtrach and Avcath in light, medium, and dark skin tones. By pairing the Avtrach with a diverse "patient", the opportunities for learning through simulation are endless. A study done by Forunda, Baptiste, and Ockimey (2017) ...
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Advice I Would Have Given My Younger Self

By Amy Cowperthwait, CEO of Avkin You. Have. Arrived.   You are your own boss. Your business is getting off the ground. Your dream of being an entrepreneur is coming true. So, what could be standing in the way of helping you get to that next level of success? Of achieving your next goal? You. You may be your own worst enemy. Here are some tips...
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Moulage Recipe from #HcSimWeek

From the moment  Amy Bucha, Avkin's Chief Scientific Officer,  mentioned the Healthcare Simulation Week #moulageco ntest , our creative juices began to flow; we wanted to get involved. Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training Emergency Response Teams and other medical and military personnel.&...
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A Dose of Empathy Boosts Healing and the Bottom Line

By Amy Cowperthwait ​Founder and CEO, Avkin Some people think treating a patient with empathy means simply being accepting or friendly, but there's a lot more to it than that. True empathy is connecting with a patient by trying to imagine what they're feeling - like "putting yourself in the patient's shoes" – then acting on those feelings by provid...
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Advice for Inventors: Never Give Up

By Amy Cowperthwait Founder and CEO, Avkin As an inventor, I'm always wondering where the next good idea will come from. My idea to start Avkin (formerly known as came to me when I was a nurse educator and simulationist at the University of Delaware: I identified a chasm in the medical manikin technology. Healthcare providers practicing often ...
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UD Engineering Students Help Avkin Target Simulated Colostomy Care

Simulated colostomy care has real benefit for patients Article By: University of Delaware Tumblr Thousands of people have bowel problems that require a colostomy - a surgical procedure that removes solid waste through an abdominal opening instead of through the usual digestive tract. Such problems may include cancer, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease...
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Avkin to Present as Featured Company at IMPACT 2016 Capital Conference

Philadelphia, PA, November 10, 2016 – Avkin today announced it will be presenting at the IMPACT 2016 Capital Conference on November 30th. Hosted by Grant Thornton and presented by the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT), the IMPACT Capital Conference unites the private equity, venture capital, and entrepreneurial communities i...
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Avkin CEO Amy Cowperthwait to Speak at the HPSN China Conference

CEO Amy Cowperthwait and CSO Amy Bucha of Avkin will be in Tianjin, China to speak at the Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) China Conference from October 15th to the 18th. They will be speaking among other educators, researchers, simulation directors, and healthcare executives. The two are invited guests of Tellyes Scientific, a manufacturer ...
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How to Drive Budget Results By Using Empathy

Most of us can identify with spending hours crafting a compelling presentation for an essential budgetary increase or equipment purchase, then being told a month later that our request was denied. Our immediate reaction is to focus our frustration and disappointment outward when really, an inward reflection is most effective. Think about it as if y...
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Insider Secrets on Transitioning to a Nurse Educator

Transitioning from 25 years of emergency department nursing to nursing education in 2006 was a conscious decision. Unknowingly, I was simultaneously accepting a leadership position for which I was ill prepared. This personal deficit had a domino effect on the programs that I developed and translated to a work/life imbalance for many years. I have s...
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Avkin 'Best University Startup'

Photo By: Kathy F. Atkinson   Amy Bucha (center) of Avkin holds a model of the company's Avtrach device, a wearable item that allows health care students to practice medical procedures in a realistic way. With her are Joy Goswami (left), assistant director of the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships' Technology Transfer Center, and A...
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Why Do Nurses Make Good Entrepreneurs?

Making the decision to start a business is not to be taken lightly. Like most nurses, I will always embrace the concept of lifelong learning. Taking that with me into the next phase of my professional career, I needed to know if I had what it took to be an entrepreneur. For the past year and a half I have been devouring books on leadership, seeking...
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