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Avkin CEO Amy Cowperthwait to Speak at the HPSN China Conference


CEO Amy Cowperthwait and CSO Amy Bucha of Avkin will be in Tianjin, China to speak at the Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) China Conference from October 15th to the 18th. They will be speaking among other educators, researchers, simulation directors, and healthcare executives. The two are invited guests of Tellyes Scientific, a manufacturer of medical manikins and the host of HPSN China.

Cowperthwait will be holding the workshop "Making the Most of Standardized Patient Education" in which she will explore non-traditional approaches to simulation education using standardized patients. At the University of Delaware, Cowperthwait co-founded the nursing department's Healthcare Theatre program which teaches students to become an effective standardized patient. Through her experiences coordinating the program, she has collected best practices for realistic feedback to maximize educational outcome.

Avkin is a manufacturer of wearable simulators for healthcare education and offers guidance in starting a budget friendly simulation and standardized patient program. To learn more about Avkin, please visit www.avkin.com.

The Human Patient Simulation Network is an international community of nursing and healthcare educators. To learn more about HPSN, please visit www.hpsn.com. 

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