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Fill the gap in simulation education with diverse skin tones!

The February 2018 issue of Clinical Simulation in Nursing includes two research articles supporting the need to further enhance simulation experiences with racially diverse manikins:

Graham, Atz, Phillips, Newman, and Foronda (2018) conducted a pilot study with findings emphasizing "the importance of designing and conducting simulation experiences that are both culturally competent and inclusive for all students" (p. 25) while revealing "baseline evidence that race of both students and manikins may be a demographic characteristic variable that influences outcomes in simulation" (p. 19).

Foronda, Baptiste, Pfaff, Velez, Reinholdt, Sanchez, and Hudson (2018) conducted an integrative review that revealed:

  • "Students of minority backgrounds appreciate integration of race and culture in simulation" (p. 43).
  • "Cultural humility in simulation is lacking, signifying a need for educational reform and research" (p. 58).
  • "The simulation environment should be examined regarding culturally diverse signage and assure presence of racially diverse manikins" (p. 58).

Evidence indicates we need to do a better job in simulation of addressing cultural humility and assuring the use of racially diverse manikins. Why not let Avkin address that need while increasing the realism in your simulation experiences? Learn more about our Avtrach and Avcath now available in light, mid, and dark skin tone options.

Simulated participants wearing the new Avtrachs in diverse skin tones.

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Foronda, C., Baptiste, D., Pfaff, T., Velez, R., Reinholdt, M., Sanchez, M., & Hudson, K. (2018). Cultural competency and cultural humility in simulation-based education: An integrative review. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 15, 42-60.

Graham, C., Atz, T., Phillips, S., Newman, S., & Foronda, C. (2018). Exploration of a racially diverse sample of nursing students' satisfaction, self-efficacy, and perceptions of simulation using racially diverse manikins: A mixed methods pilot study. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 15, 19-26.
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