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Moulage Recipe from #HcSimWeek

Moulage Recipe from #HcSimWeek

From the moment Amy Bucha, Avkin's Chief Scientific Officer, mentioned the Healthcare Simulation Week #moulagecontest, our creative juices began to flow; we wanted to get involved. Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training Emergency Response Teams and other medical and military personnel. Avkin's products are perfectly suited for moulage applications so we jumped at the chance to showcase what can be done. 

Megan Weldon, our Simulated Participant (SP) Educator has a passion for creativity and authenticity. We knew if we gave her the lead on this project, she would knock it out of the park.  

Our roundtable at Avkin Headquarters the following week was energetic and engaging. We discussed many different options for patient presentation and settled on a couple that fit our original mission of "Giving a Voice to the Voiceless". The scenarios were as follows; an ambulatory care setting where a patient with a tracheostomy (above) is vulnerable and neglected, a busy emergency department where a sex trafficking victim (below, scroll down for pictures) seeks care for her injuries, and for our EMS partners, we wanted to bring to light the Opiod epidemic (below, scroll down for pictures) that is riddling the streets and healthcare agencies of the United States. 

Now more than ever, we need to train our future healthcare providers to practice safe, empathetic, therapeutic communication and hands on compassion at the bedside.

We would like to celebrate our Society for Simulation in Healthcare #moulagecontest first prize by having Megan share how she did it with you! All of Avkins wearable simulators are portable, durable and safe to moulage.



On the face of the SP apply the dark blue from the Bruise Pallet under their eyes to portray poor nutrition and sleep deprivation. To get the look of a greasy face, apply a thin layer of Vaseline or liquid glycerin. Put the Avtrach/Avstick on your SP. Apply one thin layer of Vaseline to the silicone portion of the Avtrach/Avstick where you will put the Ben Nye Liquid Latex. Apply a layer of the latex and let it dry for 30 seconds. To break up the liquid latex and create a 3D rough surface, use a cuticle pusher or blunted edge tool to lift the latex as it drys. Apply the Ben Nye Tan Foundation or drug store foundation to create a color consistent with the Avtrach skin. Use the Ben Nye Bruise Pallet to create the look of skin irritation with red, yellow, and brown. Because we could not find the right look for pus, we settled on plain yogurt on the skin surface (please do not put anything organic into the simulated mucus reservoir). 

​It was an honor to participate in the first annual #HcSimWeek. With over 135 entries into the #moulagecontest and several days of voting, we are so pleased we won 1st Place! I would like to also recognize Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama who shared our 1st Place win.

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